The Idea of Arbor School

The Idea of Arbor School


Arbor School Leadership Series

Written by Kit Hawkins, Founder and Director of the Arbor School of Arts & Sciences, in Arbor's 25th year, The Idea of Arbor School is an "attempt to capture a real place and the truth of a school’s evolutionary process. [It is] an attempt to stand in contrast to all the negative press about schools and point to what has been done and might be done elsewhere."

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Individual chapters treat:

  • First Questions about Children and Schooling 
  • Philosophy, Principles, and Precepts 
  • Learning and Teaching 
  • Curriculum 
  • A Sense of Belonging 
  • Self-Renewal and Reflective Practice 
  • School as an Institution 
  • Tradition, Ritual, and Culture