cambium (n.) The cellular growth tissue of trees and other woody plants. From medieval Latin, ‘change, exchange.’

It is in this latter sense of exchange or transfer that the Arbor Center for Teaching formerly published Cambium, a quarterly journal of teaching and learning. Innovative K-8 lessons in mathematics, humanities, writing, literacy, science, and the arts fill its pages, and some issues address character education, community building, curricular design, or other broad topics of importance in progressive education.

All back issues of Cambium are available to read and download below.  We welcome comment an any and all of the topics raised in its pages. To begin a dialogue with us about something you have read in Cambium, please email us at


Please use the links below to download PDFs of back issues of Cambium:

Math & Science

Literacy, Arts, & Social Studies

Pedagogy & Curricular Design

Character & Community