Job Placement

Our Teacher Residents come from all kinds of prior experiences and have a variety of goals for their teaching careers. Some come straight from liberal arts colleges; others join us later on to shift or hone their vocations. Prior to their teacher training, Arbor Teacher Residents have worked as Peace Corps and Americorps volunteers, counselors, outdoor education leaders, education policy specialists, health care professionals, and teachers in international schools.  They have studied fields such as biology, psychology, mathematics, environmental science, English literature, international relations, and history.  They all share an aptitude for extensive reading and reflective writing and a spirit of perseverance and dedication to bringing the best of themselves to their work with children. They go on to jobs in all kinds of schools—urban and rural, public and private, large and small. In collaboration with Pacific University, we advise and support our Teacher Residents through the job-search process. 

Peyton Chapman, Principal of Portland Public School’s Lincoln High School, talks about the unique qualities of ACT graduates.

ACT graduates work within independent, public charter, and public schools such as:

  • Aurora School (Oakland, CA)

  • Beaverton School District (Beaverton, OR)

  • Canby School District (Canby, OR)

  • Catlin Gabel School (Portland, OR)

  • LeJardin Academy (Kailua, HI)

  • Maimonides Jewish Day School (Portland, OR)

  • Molalla River Academy (Molalla, OR)

  • Opal School (Portland, OR)

  • Portland Public School District (Portland, OR)

  • Presidio Hill School (San Francisco, CA)

  • West Linn Wilsonville School District (West Linn, OR)