Thesis Articles

Teacher Residents analyze an element of their classroom practice and conduct action research, then write a thesis article on their process and findings. This work is of great value to the school and often contributes to their co-teachers' practice in lasting and meaningful ways. Below are samples of Teacher Residents' action research from the ACT Class of 2014-16.

Oriana Connolly ⁠— Making it Better
Improving descriptive writing in young children through exposure, analysis, and repeated revision. Download PDF

Danielle Ito ⁠— Nature Journals
Making the case for taking children outside: the benefits of integrated outdoor learning. Download PDF

Elizabeth Thompson ⁠— Listen to Your Own Self, Inside
Literary discussion and problem solving in a K-1 classroom. Download PDF

Elsie McIver ⁠— "Why are they telling me this?"
Reading non-fiction for understanding in the early elementary grades. Download PDF

Cecca Wrobel ⁠— A Sensible Practice for Sense-Making
The simplicity for introducing a Number Talks routine for deepening quantitive reasoning. Download PDF