Crocodiles and Coconuts

Crocodiles and Coconuts

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Equations in Two Variables 

Algebra 1 / 7th Grade

Crocodiles and Coconuts guides students through graphing, equations, and linear and non-linear functions.  Students learn to: 

  • graph lines, ellipses, circles, parabolas, and hyperbolas in the Cartesian coordinate plane  
  • manipulate functions, formulas, and equations
  • understand that mathematical functions, formulas, and equations express real-world relationships 
  • solve simultaneous equations and graph simultaneous inequalities
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The Aged Crow: An Algebra Fable

Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 0: The Crow & The Pitcher

  1. A Fable Used as the Basis for an Experiment about Algebra

Chapter 1: Two-Variable Equations and the Cartesian Coordinate Plane

Two-Variable Equations

  1. What Does it Mean to Solve a Two-Variable Equation? 
  2. The Coordinate Plane 
  3. Lines in the Coordinate Plane 
  4. More about Slope

Chapter 2: Functions

  1. The Parts of a Functions 
  2. Slope-Intercept Form 
  3. Tables, Equations, & Graphs 
  4. Two-Variable Inequalities 
  5. Functions as Stories 
  6. Formulas 
  7. Interpolating and Extrapolating

Functions as Stories

Chapter 3: Simultaneous Equations

  1. Solving by Graphing 
  2. Solving by Elimination 
  3. Solving by Substitution 
  4. Shared Solutions 
  5. Mixture Problems 
  6. Simultaneous Equations

Chapter 4: The Conic Sections

  1. Fractional Equations 
  2. Two-Intercept Form 
  3. Fractional Equations with Exponents 
  4. Parabolas 
  5. Hyperbolas 

Chapter 5: Epilogue

  1. The Big Picture